How this Site is hosted

I’m playing a lot with Kubernetes on OpenStack. So when I decide to open up this blog, it was an easy decision that this site should be hosted in K8s.


Here is the schema how this site is being accessed.

Ingress Controller

Before Kubernetes I played a lot with standalone Docker environments. In this time, I found Traefik as a great Reverse Proxy Tool.
Traefik is also available for K8s and it works like a charm.

A little overview about the Traefik features:

  • Auto Discovering Services
  • Metrics (Prometheus, …)
  • HTTPS Offloading
  • HTTPS ACME Certificates (LetsEncrypt)
  • and many more (see

If you want to see how I configured Traefik, please take a look at this Post:


Storage backend


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